Zalinville - Memory Game


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Zalinville - Memory Game
Educational Video Game


Learning Syriac for kids is easy with Zalinville. Play any of our categories in either Eastern or Western Syriac dialects while testing your memory in this exciting new word-association game. It’s fun for kids and adults alike. Ms. Sarah’s Memory Game is our very first in the Zalinville series. *V2.0: Upgraded characters & a brand new category!!!

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    Is an enjoyable and simple free game aimed to teach children the Syriac Alphabet Providing an interactive and funny animations and sound effects, Zalinville ABC will foster creativity and will motivate them to learn the alphabet easily. The game also emphasizes on the mechanical mind of children to have them learn quickly using physical touches such as swiping and clicking of interactive objects. Our app teaches Syriac alphabets in both dialects, Eastern and Western, so your youngsters can even hear how the alphabets and associated object names are pronounced in both dialects. This game designed for the age of 1-5 years old, There is no wrong or right; it’s a safe kit for creation!